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About Cocchi

Established in 1891 by Giulio Cocchi in Asti, Italy, Cocchi is renowned for the quality of its vermouths, aperitifs and sparkling wines. Cocchi began producing quality aromatic-infused wines and, by the turn of the century, Barolo Chinato and Aperitivo Americano, had become very popular across international markets.

Cocchi is now owned by renowned wine producers, the Bava family, who operate with passion, dedication and precision at their core. Many products are still being made following the original recipes created by Giulio Cocchi and it’s this combination of high quality wine and ingredients with century-old technical expertise that defines Cocchi’s authentic and elegant style.

The highly respected and versatile Cocchi range has a range of styles and flavour profiles that work perfectly as stand-alone aperitifs or as the foundation of classic cocktails from the Spritz to the Negroni & Manhattan.


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