Made with Cocchi Americano Rosa

Rosa & Tonic

Rosa & Tonic

It is getting increasingly hard to miss the glow of ice filled, amber hued spritzes being chinked all around the country as the UK continues to embrace a traditional Italian aperitivo. This elegant rendition of a spritz takes on a savoury note with the basil and black pepper garnish.

Rosa & Tonic
Rosa & Tonic Recipe

Rosa & Tonic Recipe


Wine goblet


60ml Cocchi Rosa
Tonic: to taste
2 strawberries, halved




Pour the Cocchi Rosa in the glass, add the strawberries and ice and top up with tonic. To garnish, dip half a strawberry in black pepper and place on the glass or at the side. A touch of black pepper can even be sprinkled on the drink.


Fresh basil leaf