Made with Nikka From The Barrel

Haru Mizuwari

Haru Mizuwari

MizuWari, literally meaning 'water' and 'divide', is a drink that is so much more than simply water and whisky on ice. Constructed with love, care and attention, this light and delicate whisky drink is the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer's day, or with Japanese food.

Haru Mizuwari
Haru Mizuwari Recipe

Haru Mizuwari Recipe




50ml Nikka
100ml Still mineral water
Mini pipette Peach bitters


Large cubes


Take a frozen highball and add the whisky, then the ice, stir down slowly first, then add the water and mix, making sure to take from the bottom of the glass in order to fully blend.


Cucumber/ Pipette of bitters

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