Nikka Miyagikyo Non Age Statement

Nikka Miyagikyo Non Age Statement bottle

70cl, 45% ABV

This no-age statement bottling contains whiskies of at least 10 years old. The Miyagikyo style is characterised by delicate, fruity yet intense characters and represents the perfect introduction for those new to Japanese whisky.

Nikka Miyagikyo Non Age Statement bottle

Tasting Notes


As expected, soft and sweet, with fruit and floral notes. Elegant aromas of fresh flowers, soft fruit and some candied orange peel.


Slightly richer on the palate, with toasty, roasted nuts and ripe fruits. There’s some darker, more complex notes too, in the form of chocolate, along with candied fruit and some honey.


The fruity, floral notes dominate, ably supported by a touch of toasty oak and spice. Very well balanced and approachable.


Miyagikyo is at the fruitier, lighter end of the Nikka whisky spectrum, and this bottle is no exception, with an appealing fruitiness.