Nikka Yoichi Non Age Statement

Nikka Yoichi Non Age Statement bottle

50cl, 43% ABV

A no-age-statement bottling that offers a distinctly fruit-forward expression, while retaining the salty coastal influence of the distillery. A single malt which balances pleasure and personality, it can be enjoyed just as well before or after a meal.

Nikka Yoichi Non Age Statement bottle

Tasting Notes


Warming spiciness at first, with rich, ripe stone fruit and a delicate smokiness.


The peat really kicks in on the palate, with an earthy smokiness, well supported by spicy notes from the oak. Softness arrives in the form of peach and orange notes, while a savoury nuttiness adds an extra layer of flavour.


The peat and oak dominate, with a pleasant maritime smokiness.


The typical Yoichi robust, peaty flavour is present and correct. Slightly savoury, with a good level of complexity with the spice, oak and peat.