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About BarSol

BarSol has been hand-making Peruvian pisco of outstanding quality since 2002, when the brand was founded by Diego Loret de Mola and Carlos Ferreyros. Production takes place in small batches at the historic Bodega San Isidro distillery located in the Ica Valley, renowned as the cultural heartland of the pisco category.

The liquid contained in each bottle of BarSol is made from just one ingredient: grapes. These are grown in the sun-drenched vineyards surrounding the distillery, fermented naturally with wild yeast from the skin of the grapes and distilled using traditional pisco pot distillation methods practiced in Peru since the 1500s. The spirit is then rested for a minimum of one year in inert vessels, resulting in an aromatic pisco with exceptional softness and purity – a true expression of the grapes from which it is crafted.


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