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Nikka Coffey Gin

70cl - 47% ABV

Nikka Coffey Gin is a unique Japanese gin made using traditional botanicals and Japanese citrus, such as yuzu, kabosu and Sansho pepper, which give a zesty and fresh flavour profile. Making the most of Nikka’s whisky-making expertise, the spirit is distilled in a Coffey Still which gives it a rich and refined texture. Nikka Coffey Gin is great neat or on the rocks to showcase its freshness and sippable texture. It can also be mixed into cocktails like a Martini or Gimlet and tastes delicious in a Gin and Tonic.

Tasting Notes


Loads of citrus fruit to start – yuzu, lemon zest and rich orange juice. Soft and buttery spice is layered underneath. Citrusy and spicy juniper sits between the two, bridging the gap.


Initially sweet but then the citrus rolls in – layers of fruit, peel and pith. There’s an exoticness to the combination, hinting at a tropical fruit salad, but it’s grounded by soft spice, earthy juniper and a touch of tongue-tingling sansho pepper.


Spice and citrus peel lead, fading to leave sweet and sour citrus zest.


Intensely citrusy, with a distinctively exotic twist on more familiar gin flavours. It lighter than its ABV may suggest and fresh tasting, but with just enough spice to pull it down to earth.


Made With

Nikka Coffey Gin