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Nikka Coffey Grain

70cl - 45% ABV

Nikka Coffey Grain is a unique grain whisky distilled in a Coffey Still from corn and malted barley and aged in used American oak casks. It has notes of coconut, butter, exotic fruits, toffee, popcorn, toasted bread and citrus and due to its smooth and elegant character forms an essential part of several of Nikka’s award-winning blends. It’s an extremely versatile whisky that is superb sipped neat or in classic cocktails such as a highball, Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.

Tasting Notes


Very aromatic, with heady notes of tropical fruit bursting out of the glass. Plenty of juicy candied fruit, mango and coconut.


The rich tropical fruit continues on to the palate, along with caramel, toffee and vanilla from the cask. Very fruity and accessible.


The fruitiness combines beautifully with the toasty oak notes.


A fascinating whisky; one of the fruitiest you’ll find.


Made With

Nikka Coffey Grain