About Amrut

According to Indian mythology, when gods and rakshasas – demons – churned the oceans using the mountain Meru, a golden pot sprang out containing ‘Amrut’, the elixir of life. Amrut Single Malt Whisky is the product of many years’ research and dedication.

Some of Amrut is made from carefully selected Indian barley and its peatier whiskies from malted Scottish barley from malthouses in Scotland. The Indian barley is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, nurtured by the waters that flow there and cultivated by old and traditional agricultural practices. From the north of India, the barley is transported south to Bangalore where, at an altitude of 900 metres, it is carefully mashed and distilled in small batches and matured in unique, hot, tropical conditions. To retain the natural characteristics of the oak, Amrut single malt whisky is non-chill filtered.

The history of Amrut Distilleries is as old as the history of independent India itself. In 1948, as India was taking its first steps as an independent nation, Amrut Distilleries entered the field of spirits production. Today’s global success has only been made possible by the resolve of successive generations of the Jagdale family who still oversee every aspect of Amrut’s production.